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Installation options

This guide applies to release version 4.3.0 and higher.

If you are looking for version-to-version update process, see section Upgrade.

There are three installation options:

ADUCID DVD only The simplest. You need VMware infrastructure.
Cloud Install Based on cloud installed CentOS machine.
CentOS DVD You need CentOS machine with minimal installation.


The ADUCID Server Kit DVD contains a fully functional installation of ADUCID server components in the form of VMware virtual machine (hardware version 11, compatible with ESXi 6.0 and higher version) installed in the same way, as described in following sections.

The .OVF export of the virtual machine is located in the directory vm on the DVD.

You just need to import it to your environment and adjust some parameters:

  • VM hardware parameters according to expected load (default values are 8 CPU/40GB RAM)
  • start the VM and connect to it through VMware Remote Console (default root password is “AIM-4.x”)
  • set appropriate hostname, IP address, DNS server
  • reset root password
  • set ssh connection parameters
  • check NTP settings (see section Base environment bellow)
  • change system variables setting (see section Apache software / System variables setting in Software Components )

There is a bash script named located in the /usr/local/bin directory, that may be useful in this process.

Cloud install

First check what you got from your cloud provider and uninstall unwanted components. Graphical interface and development components should not be present.

Then continue according to Operating System Installation


Go through all the following sections. (You will need the ADUCID Server Kit DVD, too.)

Upgrade from previous versions

Go through the following sections.

You will need to backup some files, as they are replaced by the upgrade process.

You may also need to upgrade ADUCID database schema.

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