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Identity proofing

ADUCID provides authentication. This guarantees that every single time:

  • PEIG is identified by AIM
  • PEIG recognizes the particular AIM
  • PEIG is assigned to a user account using primary key called “UDI” (User database index).
  • Proofing process assigns UDI to a real person.
  • UDI can be generated or it can be anything service provider wants, e.g. email or login name.

Proofing scenarios

There are several ways, how to proof a user.

  • He/she can get to an office, show ID and get proofed.
  • Or he/ she can be visited by person how can verify his / her identity.
  • Or user can fill in a form, send it with a copy of her / his ID.

To proof someone’s identity there has to be some administrator with right to verify and approve users. This administrator has to have role called “registrator” and has to be proofed and verified using personal factor.

ADUCID demonstrates and supports these scenarios:

Activation code

  • User goes to an office and meets an administrator.
  • Administrator fills in user details, verifies his / her ID.
  • As result he gives / sends him an activation code.

Using this code user can finish the proofing process by providing it to proofing application.

Registration form

In this scenario:

  • User fills in a form and sends it to registration point (scan of ID might be required).
  • Then he/ she goes to the office, administrator verifies this form and approves the user.

See also Management Apps

ADUCID proofing support

Proofing is supported by No-Code integration and ADUCID API methods.

For No-Code it is just a role called “APPROVED”:

		Require valid-user
		Require role aducid: APPROVED
For development integration just check proofing status after authentication.

All identity proofing scenarios are demonstrated in proofing applications. These applications can be installed with ADUCID Server Kit as an option.

ADUCID UserAdmin application shows current proofing status of a particular user.

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