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MS SQL Database


If you want to use MS SQL database instead of default PostgreSQL, you need to change the following modules in default installation:

  • AIM.war
  • proof-code-admin.war
  • proof-code-user.war
  • proof-form-admin.war
  • proof-form-user.war
  • aducid-useradmin.war

All modified files (except, where you need to enter your MSSQL DB hostname) are already prepared on distribution DVD in the /root/mssql directory of the virtual machine.

List of modifications


In the directory /opt/tomcat/webapps/AIM/WEB-INF, the file spring-resources.xml_mssql has been renamed to spring-resources.xml

Other .war files

In the directory WEB-INF/lib, the file provider-shared-*.jar has been modified.

This file contains several files named dispatcher-servlet-provider-shared.xml*. The file dispatcher-servlet-provider-shared.xml_mssql was renamed to dispatcher-servlet-provider-shared.xml

You need to change syntax of database specification (default is commented with #)



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