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Developing a mobile application with ADUCID

You will learn how to integrate your mobile application (Android, iOS) and its server part with ADUCID authentication.

There are two components prepared for you: client side API called PEIG API and server side ADUCID Web SDK.

Client side API - PEIG API

We support mobile application integration with ADUCID on Android and iOS.

The implementation is straightforward:

1. Import PEIG API into your project

2. Call PEIG API

3. Evaluate the result

Server part of a mobile application

If you are using ADUCID® Java SDK Web Platform provides basic authentication at URL it provides basic support for your application. Otherwise first see server implementation for your platform.

Basic authentication - out of the box

When using PEIG API this basic Url is called in aducidAuthentication() method during authentiocation start:


Then predefined Url is called to get the authentication result:


If you’d like to write your own application either provide these two URL using ADUCID Java SDK Web Platform (see ADUCID Java SDK manual)

Creating custom server responses

PEIG API communicates with server using JSON format using these properties:

  • status: send authentication result to PEIG API
    • OK
    • ERROR / other
  • data: send data to be processed by PEIG API
    • Uri for PEIG
    • Custom message
  • redirect: target Uri to retrieve result from
  • exception: standard ADUCID exception
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