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Authorization in No-code

No-Code relies on Apache. You can use any authorization method on ADUCID Apache or ProxyPass to another Apache and resolve authorization there. ADUCID security default application are authorized by Apache with group file authorization. It is recommended to used “Advanced” authorization for better performance and manageability.

		Require valid-user
		Require group registrator

ADUCID authorization attributes

We add two atrribute sets to support Apache authorization: personal factor and proofing. You can force it using Require role aducid:XXX

		Require valid-user
		Require role aducid:PF_VERIFIED
Personal factor states:

  • PF_VERIFIED - personal factor has been verified
  • CF_VERIFIED - comfort factor has been verified
  • PF_MISSING - user has no PF/CF

Proofing states:

  • APPROVED - user is proofed
  • PROOFING_IN_PROGRESS – user proofing is running
  • NO_PROOFING_STATUS – proofing did not start yet

PEIG type states:

  • USER – PEIG is linked to user
  • NO_PEIG_TYPE – PEIG type is unknown
  • MACHINE (future IOT support - PEIG is linked to a machine)
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