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Java SDK Basic Architecture

This document describes the ADUCID® integration library. The library simplifies communication from the Java Runtime Environment (1.5 and higher), by using the R4 interface. The library is the alternative to direct access to the R4 interface for calling web services. This API is used by other adapters (, e.g. the adapter for the Tomcat web server, adapter for spring security).

It is highly recommended to work with Client API or/and Web Platform only as the high level APIs. Abstract Part and R4 Client parts are for ADUCID® masters only.


When reading this document, the following basic knowledge is assumed:

Knowledge of web technologies, integration of web applications and Java programming language is also assumed.

SDK Architecture

This SDK is supplied as a standard Java library, which can be used by the application as an indirection layer when communicating with the R4 AIM interface.

This layer has the following functions:

  • It separates the application from a specific technology used for calling web services
  • It provides reverse compatibility with future partial modifications of the R4 interface

SDK has following parts:

  • Abstract Part – contains the application code shared by all SDK implementations without technological dependency on the R4 communication solution
  • R4 Client – contains implementation of the abstract part, including fully functional R4 communication solution based on HTTP URL Connection and DOM technologies
  • Java SDK Client API – client itself, methods to be used by ADUCID® integrators
  • Java SDK Web Platform – platform, that can be used by web application developers to integrate ADUCID®, it is a bridge between HTTP web interface and direct Client API method calls

See chapters below for details.

Abstract Part

The architecture of abstract part is provided in the picture below:

Integrators may create their own implementation of AducidMessageSender, which uses a different technology for calling the AIM server web services. In some cases, integrators may also create their own descendant of the AbstractAducidClient abstract class. It is assumed that the portfolio of available communication methods for RESTful web services or XML/http will be expanded.

Use of ADUCID® Java SDK Abstract Part

To work with abstract part of Java SDK, include api-[version].jar Java library in your application classpath.

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