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Semantics of individual statuses of the authentication session (AIMStatus)


Brief description



Initial status

Initial status of the status diagram.


Status that occurs when the authentication session is generated on AIM

From this point, it is possible to inquire about the status of the authentication process using authId.


Final status - PEIG did not start communicating within the defined time frame

This status typically means that there is a problem either in communication between PEIG/AIM, or that PEIG-Proxy is not available.


Authentication handshake between PEIG and AIM was successfully initiated.

This status means that the authentication handshake has begun.


Final status - the authentication handshake was not performed within the defined time frime

This status typically means that the responses from PEIG are slow or the user’s reaction when approving a request is slow.


Final status - problem during authentication

“Masked” problem during authentication. The specific reason can be obtained by a subsequent query via the AIMGetPSLAttributes command of the R4 interface with attributeSet=“Error”. A list of possible return statuses is provided in the Appendix Bsection.


Authentication handshake was successful

The authentication process was performed without problems. The operation result is available on the server. The operation result can be obtained using a pair (authId, authKey).


Authentication session was verified

Verification was performed and the authentication session is prepared to work for a period of time defined by the system.


Passive status

Used on the secondary AIM during the identity link operation.


Authentication session ended

The authentication session has been terminated by the program, or the time period defined for work with an open session has expired.


Undefined error

Unspecified error.


Error in authentication secret

The authentication handshake ended and the valid authentication secret authKey is not used.


Binding is executed

The communication before the start of an operation enforcing the binding mode and generating the needed information


Wait pseudo-status.

A refresh of the communication channel is needed.

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