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PEIG - Client software

PEIG® is the fundamental client element of ADUCID® that fully manages electronic identities of its user.

PEIG documentation is located at

Currently PEIG is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS, Android (4.0.4+) and iOS 8 devices

Windows also supports PEIG located on a USB token


Windows/ OSX PEIG runs on the same computer as user’s browser. User clicks “Authentication” button


Windows has option to store identity files on a USB. This feature is accessible for every PEIG PC installation inserting USB disk and preparing it for ADUCID. USB on MacOS not supported due to Apple store restrictions

iOS PEIG and Android PEIG

PEIG can run on mobile phones or tablets with Android 4.0 or iOS 8. PEIG can be called in used in two ways:

  • QR code scanning using phone / tablet camera
  • calling aducid: URI schema (on Android Intent is preferred)

Users can authenticate into desktop application scanning a QR code using mobile PEIG (or QR code displayed by another PEIG).

Native applications are also supported. They can call PEIG directly using schema / intent or use PEIG API (Papi) – See Integration with mobile applications

Personal factor (PF)

User's identity is protected by PersonalCode


With ADUCID user is not limited to just one device. On the contrary he / she can have “unlimited” number of devices called replicas. Replicas are PEIG with different cyber id referring to the same person. Replicas are manged from PEIG on server (PEIGs have this link embedded).

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