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 Important settings are: Important settings are:
-<​codedoc>​ + 
-AIM_HOST ​your host name  +AIM_HOST ​your host name  
-SPID unique IID o your AIM server +SPID unique IID o your AIM server ​| 
-DISPLAY_NAME ​name of AIM displayed in PEIG +DISPLAY_NAME ​name of AIM displayed in PEIG | 
-ICON path to AIM icon displayed in PEIG +ICON path to AIM icon displayed in PEIG | 
-PUBLIC_KEY ​public key for signing among AIMs +PUBLIC_KEY ​public key for signing among AIMs | 
-PRIVATE_KEY ​private key for signing among AIMs +PRIVATE_KEY ​private key for signing among AIMs | 
-LF_LOCK_DELAY ​how long is PassCode locked +LF_LOCK_DELAY ​how long is PassCode locked ​| 
-LF_LOCK_BUNDLE_COUNT ​ ​- ​number of wrong PassCode before locking +LF_LOCK_BUNDLE_COUNT ​number of wrong PassCode before locking ​| 
-LF_BUFFER_TIME ​PassCode caching +LF_BUFFER_TIME ​PassCode caching ​|
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