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-====== No-code transcations ====== 
-What if solution requires more than pure authentication?​ In that case an integrator can use AAA Reverse Proxy transaction system. ​ 
-Transactions are user confirmed decisions like payments. They are secure, authenticated and validated using [[documentation:​personalcode|PersonalCode]]. 
-Tiny coding effort is required like providing confirmation text and evaluating the operation. 
-When user confirmation is required (i.e. user clicks on “pay” button) following workflow is processed. Service provider actions are in bold. 
-This scenario has no limitations and can be used even for non-authenticated users (every ADUCID operation is also authentication). 
-  - Prepare confirmation text (e.g. “Pay $99 from account 123456789 to account 987654321”). ​ 
-  - Generate transaction ID (internal unique ID of transaction) 
-  - Call AAA Reverse Proxy transaction method (standard http request) providing confirmation text, return URL and verification level ([[documentation:​personalcode|PersonalCode]] bio factor, no second factor) 
-  - Redirect to AAA Reverse Proxy transaction (must be in the same https context) 
-    * Now ADUCID integration code call PEIG or display a QR  
-    * Request is processed via PEIG (directly or QR scan) 
-    * User confirms it and provides [[documentation:​personalcode|PersonalCode]] 
-    * User is redirected back to application (return URL) 
-    * AAA Reverse Proxy writes transaction status to http header ​ 
-  - Now service provider has to read transaction status from http header i.e. evaluate success / failure: OK, User rejected, Wrong PersonalCode,​ etc. 
-User experience: 
-  - User clicks on payment button. 
-  - Optionally QR code is displayed – user scans it using his / her PEIG 
-  - A confirmation message is displayed on his smart phone (PEIG application) 
-  - If user agrees, [[documentation:​personalcode|PersonalCode]] is required (or bio factor) 
-  - Done 
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