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-====== Installation options ====== 
-===== ADUCID DVD only ===== 
-The ADUCID Server Kit DVD contains VMware virtual machine (hardware version 11) installed in the same way, as is described in following sections, starting from Operating system install. 
-You need to do only this: 
-  * import the virtual machine located in directory vm on the distribution DVD into your infrastructure 
-  * default root password is "AIM-4.0" 
-  * set proper hostname, IP address, DNS server 
-  * set ssh connection parameters 
-  * check NTP settings (see section Base environment bellow) 
-  * continue to part [[documentation:server-install-components|Software Components]], section Apache software, and start from section System variables setting. 
-===== Cloud install ===== 
-First check what you got from your cloud provider and uninstall unwanted components. Graphical interface and development components should not be present. 
-===== CentOS DVD ===== 
-Go through all the following sections. (You will need the ADUCID Server Kit DVD, too.) 
-  * [[:documentation:server-install-os|Operating System]] 
-  * [[:documentation:server-install-components|Software Components]] 
-  * [[:documentation:server-install-aducid|ADUCID Software]] 
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