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-==== PersonalCode ​ ==== 
-To proof his/ her identity ADUCID provides a feature called personal code 
-  * PersonalCode something only user know 
-  * ADUCID uses a picture sequence or number sequence 
-  * User has only one PF for all his services and devices 
-==== Comfort factor (CF) ==== 
-As soon as PersonalCode is created user can add a comfort factor. When service provider allows, CF can be used instead of PF. PF can be always use instead CF. 
-| NFC | On Android phone a user can use a NFC tag. | 
-| Apple Touch ID | On iOS devices with fingerprint sensor (iPhone 5S or better) user can activate fingerprint factor as addition to his / her secret. | 
-| Apple Face ID | On iPhone X user can activate face recognition factor as addition to his / her secret. | 
-| Fingerprint | For phones with native Android fingerprint support (not for proprietary implementations). | 
-| Bluetooth | User can user some BT device like sport tester - something she/he has. When BT device is visible, CF authentication is automatically resolved. | 
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