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-====== Advanced concepts ====== 
-===== Binding ===== 
-The issue of authentication results from linking the target application together with the protection of the data channel between the client and server part of the target application. This is called “binding”. 
-Different user scenarios exist for how to link a target application to ADUCID authentication. They have different user and security features. It is possible to take snapshot of a QR code by using a mobile phone, when the QR code is displayed on a workstation screen to log in, or it is possible to use PEIG from hard disk of the same workstation where the web browser is running, or it is possible to use a web browser on a mobile phone or tablet. 
-The AIM security manager can select what binding scenarios will be supported by AIM and what scenarios will be disabled. This is possible through the AIM “binding mode” attribute configuration. 
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