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-====== Abbreviations ====== 
-The following is a summary of used abbreviations and their meaning: 
-|**ADUCID®** ​  ​|ADUCID® (Automatic Distributed and User Centric Electronic Identity) is a new authentication system that functions on the principle of providing services and infrastructures of electronic identities. It is an identification and authentication framework based on new ideas, rules, procedures and implementations for work and support of a unified method of authentication. \\ The main purpose of ADUCID® is to provide identification and authentication services in the cybernetic world of ICT systems using the ADUCID® secure authentication layer. \\   ​\\ ​ \\ ADUCID® provides: \\ - Electronic identity services \\ - Secure authentication services \\ - Essential infrastructure for listed services ​ | 
-| \\  **PEIG®** ​  | \\ PEIG® (Personal Electronic Identity Gadget) is a device that provides full management capabilities for its user's electronic identities. Using the user identity, it also provides automatic authentication between the client application (used by the user) and the server part of the target application (that the user is accessing).| 
-| \\  **AIM** ​  | \\ ADUCID® Identity Machine - Implements ADUCID® server functionality itself. It performs all ADUCID® operations and provides access to user data stored along with electronic identities in the LDAP database. \\ Through a standard network interface (web services), it provides target applications with services related to administration of the CyberID/​eID. AIM contains an administrator and a user graphic interface (called UIM). AIM can also provide authorization services (including administration of authorization attributes to the relevant CyberID/​eID).| 
-|**PF** ​  ​|Personal factor| 
-|**UDI** ​  |User database index| 
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