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-====== ADUCID Integration - Adapters ====== 
-  * [[developers:​integration:​adapters:​tomcat|Tomcat adapter]] 
-  * [[developers:​integration:​adapters:​spring-security|Spring security adapter]] 
-=== Tomcat Adapter === 
-[[developers:​integration:​adapters:​tomcat|Tomcat adapter]] defines new Tomcat server authentication method named “ADUCID”. It extends standard Tomcat class AuthenticatorBase. Application can use the adapter in context definition as a valve to manage application authentication/​authorization. See ADUCID Tomcat Adapter documentation for details. 
-=== Spring Security Adapter === 
-[[developers:​integration:​adapters:​spring-security|Spring Security adapter]] extends standard Spring techniques to authenticate/​authorize user. Implementation is based on AuthenticationProvider interface implementation. Adapter can be used in applications based on Spring technology to manage application access rights. See ADUCID Spring Security Adapter documentation for details. 
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