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 +====== ADUCID standard operations ======
 +The fundamental element of ADUCID®’s activity is an **operation**. The target application requests AIM to perform an operation, AIM along with PEIG® then perform the operation and make the result available to the application. The application can then use the result of the operation (e.g. use a positive authentication result to grant access to information to a specific user in the scope of that user’s assigned rights, or use a negative result to deny access). Standard applications only use the "​open"​ operation, which performs user authentication. Applications that manage identities (Identity Management) use other operations that support the execution of the entire lifecycle of the identity and other activities. For illustration,​ a list of supported operations of ADUCID® is provided with a brief description of each operation:
 +|Unordered List ItemInitialization of an identity |II |Identity Initialization |"​init"​ |PEIG® and AIM together form a new unique electronic identity. |
 +|Use of an identity |IU |Identity Use |"​open"​ |PEIG® and AIM together validate the eID and provide a link to user information (authentication). |
 +|Change in an identity |IC |Identity Change |"​change"​ |PEIG® and AIM together change the existing internal values of the identity while preserving the entire context of personification (including all associated personal data). |
 +|Termination of an identity |IE |Identity End |"​delete"​ |PEIG® and AIM together invalidate the electronic identity and prevent anyone from performing any operation using this identity. |
 +|Reparative change of an identity |RC |Reparative Identity Change |"​rechange"​ |Change of an identity performed if the validity of previous identity has expired. |
 +|Reparative initialization |RI |Reparative Identity Init |"​reinit"​ |Identical with II, performed if corresponding identity exists on PEIG® (this operation’s purpose is to restore AIM). |
 +|Extended Use |XUSE |  |  |Advanced operation to create replicas, display dialogs and work with personal factor. |
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